Why people love Ghibli merchandise so much?

People love animation movies and series, but most of them only know about Disney and Pixar productions. But there is a gem which is loved by many animation lovers across the globe and that is Ghibli studios. Founded in 1985, Ghibli is the biggest animation studio based in Tokyo, Japan with some of the biggest hits Japan has seen.

People love Ghibli movies for many reasons but one thing is pretty clear that their characters are the ones that people love the most form some of the biggest movies like my neighbor Totoro, spirited away, Princess Mononoke and many more. This is why one can find several websites where one can find their favorite Ghibli movie merchandise.

Why Ghibli is so famous?

Some of the reasons why people love Ghibli movies and their characters are:

  • Realms: they have some really well-designed fantasy realms in their movies. These realms have both real world as well as the fantasy world feel to it and is capable of taking their viewers on a beautiful journey in those worlds.
  • Characters: Ghibli put heart and soul into their characters which make them highly relatable. Even though these characters can be quirky and away from the real world but they have this way of making viewers fall in love with them.
  • Stories: Ghibli makes sure that they say compelling stories of all kind of genres which can be appreciated by both young and old. They tell sweet stories and dark and tragic ones too which expresses different values and ideas to the audience and keep them immersed in the storytelling.
  • Art: that is the most amazing part of Ghibli movies making them famous and sought after. Unlike other animated movies they do not use CGI but hand-drawn animation. This makes them popular in the merchandising industry too.Totoro

Ghibli merchandise

One can avail various Ghibli merchandises to satisfy that Ghibli fan inside. With great prints and make one can get t-shirts, table trinkets ad statues, cushion covers, bags etc. at great prices and even great variety and quality.Click for more information regarding the famous Ghibli character merchandises.

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