Tips to take care of your heart

Mark, of these tips, how many you follow and find out if you are doing everything in your power to maintain a strong and healthy heart. Anyway, it’s always a good time to start implementing this plan and take risks. If you want to know about, then visit about us page.

Lower the blood pressure

Hypertension is one of the factors that increase the risk of heart attack. According to the American macro-study known as SPRINT9, with a blood pressure level of 12/8, there is a better survival.

Therefore, taking measures to reach these levels of tension is fundamental. The Mediterranean Diet is the most recommended by the Spanish Society of Hypertension, being rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits and dairy products low in fat. Half an hour of daily walking or a moderate physical exercise is very useful to prevent this disorder. Visit this link to learn more about

Eat fruit take care of the heart

To protect your general health and keep your heart in good condition, you should take fruit every day: just consuming one piece a day reduces up to 34% the risk of developing a heart problem, as shown by a recent study by the University of Oxford.

And the fruit is cardioprotective for its richness in potassium, fiber, folic acid, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. If you eat 3 or 4 servings a day, the better.

Work and health cardiac

Exceeding yourself in the amount of hours you spend working harms your cardiovascular health in the long term. After 46 hours of work per week increases the risk of heart attack, angina pectoris or other types of heart failure, according to research from the Center for Health Sciences at the University of Texas.

care of your heart

Emotions damage you

Caring for your emotional well-being is essential to maintain good heart health. Sadness, anger or even excessive euphoria can destabilize even the healthiest heart. Although the absolute risk of suffering a heart attack associated with intense emotions is low, it exists.

So avoid as much as possible situations that alter you, and if you have no choice but to face them, do it with serenity, trying to relativize the moment and helping you with relaxation techniques.

 Sleep well prevents heart attacks

Spend nights tossing and turning in bed sleepless carries nerves, fatigue, irritability… But also increases the risk of suffering a heart attack. People with problems falling asleep almost daily have a 45% greater chance of having a heart attack, according to a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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