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Therapy through massage dates back as one of the oldest forms of healing. Massage therapy is rooted throughout history as a practice to repair ease pain, injuries and as a preventative measure against sickness. Massage therapy has been an act of medicine at certain times in history it turned and shifted into a form of pleasure. It has recovered a place among natural healing methods throughout the country. The clinic Ayurveda is based on the premise that mind, body and soul are linked and that illness and disease is the human body’s natural method of communicating disharmony. Ayurveda incorporates five senses in order to help someone interact with their environment, which will create harmony. A Chinese book from that time titled The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine lists rubbing of skin and breathing exercises.

Massage Therapy

Shortly after, Japan started implementing massage training methods. This integration of this practice gave rise to the popular technique. This kind of massage is used to excite pressure points to raise energy levels and encourage resistance to illness. Practices and philosophies from the east reached Western civilization around 800 to 700 B.C. Ancient Greece used it to get their athletes to remain in peak condition for competition. Physicians herbs to treat several medical ailments and used different techniques along with oils. The father of Western Medicine Hippocrates said that the physician must be experienced in massage. He explained that a joint could be bound by a doctor if it is too loose and loosens a joint that is too tight. Rome adopted the practice between 100 and 200 B.C. to deal with various physical ailments and diseases.

Rome created areas where folks would go to get a body massage to loosen their joints and. Increase circulation finally these areas became a place to go for pleasure and not healing. Constantine the bathrooms were condemned by the Roman Emperor. Massage therapy practice in The West up because progress in medical and pharmacology technology until around 1600 were increasing and medicine like Massage Therapy. Around the 1800s Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor made a system that incorporated new methods on the treatment of gymnasts for use. Techniques like squeezing, stroking and pressing and striking were used to deal with physical issue. His techniques were used and altered and today it is known as Swedish massage. The practice is now regulated in almost every education and state standards for licensing have been established. The practice is a system of medicine because of the society’s focus on health today.