People use money differently. There are wealthy persons whose main purpose of money is to enjoy life. Other especially the big-hearted involve themselves in philanthropy. Bashir Dawood is a well-known name in philanthropy. As a philanthropist, he has opened his heart in supporting big hospitals like the Aga Khan where he has expanded the major programs of the hospitals. He is a philanthropist who also supports university research works.Money talks, and when it is used well it talks even louder. The philanthropist has proved to the world that he is generous enough to be wealthy. you may wonder why to make so much money and just keep it to yourself.The work of philanthropy proves that we live interdependently.Life is sweet if we all know how to live it.


Technology keeps on changing us. It brought the idea of currencies, and it has proved that the changes are meant to advance us. we live in changing times .we must all be busy. the legislature should be encouraged to pass laws that give philanthropists more opportunities. The lawmakers should come out openly and protect the philanthropists even more.Another area to focus on is corruption. It is like cancer it can kill economies. It is not good to lack money. we should always work hard for more money through our businesses and end up using it well. Being a philanthropist is not an easy thing as others may think.It requires a person of the right personality and leadership qualities.