Common myths about hiring a copy editing

When you surf the Net On the lookout for ideas and information about hiring a copy editing editor or author, you will discover lots of myths floating about. Too frequently, I have been called in to help a prospective writer after she is plopped down a few thousand dollars for editorial or copy editing writing services, only to find herself no nearer to a publishable manuscript. I get frustrated when I hear these tales of editing gone bad that is why I would love to bust some myths about agents and editors I have come across on the internet that will help you avoid selecting the wrong copy editing copy editing.

ideal copy editor

They cannot be an expert on everything, and an editor with ethics will tell you flat out that she is not the perfect person to assist you with your book. She may have the ability to recommend a reliable colleague, but not necessarily, because she might not understand editors working in your genre. Ask plenty of questions and do your homework before you commit to employ a copy editing copy editing. Traditional book Publishers who pick and choose which books they will publish and pay you for the privilege of publishing your book do include editing as part of the publishing procedure. If a book publisher does not edit your book for free before publication, you are working with a vanity press, not in book publisher. A vanity press basically prints your book for you and provides adjunct services, some for free, others for a fee, as well as the quality might not be good. Do your research and know if you are working with a publisher or a vanity press. Having said that, book publishers are searching for manuscripts that only need light editing, not a significant overhaul

Your agent may opt to hire a how to copy right, book doctor, or author to receive your manuscript in form for submission to an editor. A freelance copyedit that helps you prepare your book proposal to market to a traditional book publisher doesn’t need to be aware of the marketplace. If you are saying to yourself, I want a book deal You need somebody who’s knowledgeable about what publishers are searching for and keeps up on the latest trends, even what books are in the pipeline not yet published but under contract. Utilize a savvy professional copy editing copy editing and you will maximize your ability to get your book published. There are several Kinds of editors. Some editors are in-house acquisitions editors in book publishing houses and they might not do the real line editing or structural editing of your book.