Employers Face Greater with Immigration Services

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Immigration regulation is now a hot and controversial topic nowadays, and the government is responding with additional scrutiny of employment practices. Whether you are a large employer or a tiny family-owned business, you are required to follow the federal immigration laws associated with hiring and employment. What was a slap on the wrist or nearly zero enforcement against companies in 2004-2005 has turned 180 degrees this past year. There have already been some well publicized raids on companies in 2006 who allegedly hired illegal aliens. Lately, a criminal indictment was filed against the Garcia Labor Company in Wilmington, Ohio charging that over 1,000 temporary employees sent to ABS Air, an air freight company was not authorized to operate in the United States. This owner could face more than 20 years in prisons and fines in the millions of dollars.

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Undoubtedly all Businesses are at higher risk of being audited and of facing stricter penalties for non-compliance with employment legislation, and will be provided that the legislative debating persists. While the deliberations about immigration reform heating up, however, government is under pressure to enforce the present laws, unpopular as they may be in several circles immigration services hong kong. Until the laws change, employers are bound by the current requirements and limitations, whether they agree together. The trends are getting to be very clear: Even though the feds are raiding more businesses, some city governments are passing their own tougher laws on the employment of illegal immigrants. Also, lately in California some companies have filed suits under competition law, accusing their opponents of hiring illegal workers to accomplish an unwarranted advantage through reduced labor costs.

From documenting proof of citizenship to work authorizations to alien sponsorship, you want to understand how these principles apply to your office to get around these kinds of complications. The I-9 job form, the basic immigration work record examined by the authorities, must be performed by each employer on each employee and identification records certified by the employer. Employers are not required to be immigration specialists but they have to create a sensible good-faith effort to examine immigration and identification documents presented by new employees to support their job status.

As a further measure to show good faith that you are attempting to confirm the documents presented by new employees visa services hong kong, it is possible to do Social Security name and number checks with the Basic Pilot Employment Verification Program run through the Department of Homeland Security. Businesses can register, free of charge, to use this database of Social Security information to verify who a number belongs to. Directions for verification online can be found. This could become a necessity in the near future as the immigration problems cracks down on companies.